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Winter's Theme: Helping Others

This winter seemed to be the season of designing websites for people who help others, which is what my business is all about! During these trying times with COVID-19, it was nice to work with businesses who were trying to make a difference in this world.

Middlesex Recovery

Most recently, I had the pleasure of creating a website redesign for Middlesex Recovery, a group of addiction recovery treatment centers in MA and NH, near my hometown. I even know of someone who successfully used their services! I am thankful they chose me to design their new website.

Heritage Hospice

Another website redesign launched recently was for Heritage Hospice of Indiana and Illinois. It was right after this website launch that I learned about my friend's mother being very ill and in the care of a hospice facility in that area. I felt comfort knowing her mother was in good hands with caring hospice workers.

Calm Matters

Last but not least in this ongoing theme, is a recent launch for Calm Matters, a life coach and counselor who helps people deal with mental health issues, from traumatic events to stressful situations at work and at home. This was a brand new website; my client gave me her vision and I brought her vision to life for her.

I truly love helping start-ups and small to medium sized businesses with my website design experience and knowledge. Knowing I can give someone a website they are proud of, and that enhances their business, makes me happy. I consider myself part of their team, and will always do my best to help their business shine.

I wonder what theme will emerge next? Stay tuned!


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