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About Blue Heron Support

Website designer with sketch of page layout

Blue Heron Support has helped business owners with website services for over 18 years. 

When you hire Blue Heron Support, you hire a virtual partner who cares about the success of you and your business. I offer affordable design packages that are flexible, depending on your needs. I'm not a salesperson trying to land a client just to hand your project off to sub-contractors to do the work.


I am hands-on from start to finish.

​Jayne Carney, Owner
 background and interests...

  • 18 years experience in website design

  • detail oriented (former bank auditor)

  • more of a helper than a sales person

  • photographer and graphic artist

  • digital artist skilled in Photoshop  

  • bird nerd (hence, Blue Heron Support!)

  • former Zumba instructor specializing in special needs classes... 

  • former Bank Officer & Special Ed Comptroller

  • wife and mother

Jayne Carney, Owner
Image by Antoine Rault

"If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else." 

 - Booker T. Washington

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