Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much.

 - Helen Keller

A little about me...

My company has been supporting small business owners with websites, photography and branding since 2005. What started as something to do in my spare time turned into a full-time business.

When you hire Blue Heron Support, you hire me, a small business partner who cares about the success of you and your business. I offer affordable design packages that are flexible, depending on your needs. I'm  not a salesperson trying to land a big sale and I don't just hand your website project off to sub-contractors to do the work. I am hands-on from start to finish.

​Jayne Carney, Owner

Background in banking, business and creative design

B.S. in Business Administration / Marketing  

 I am a...

  • creative designer with attention to detail

  • small business partner who wants the best for you

  • photographer and digital artist

  • creative artist skilled in Photoshop  

  • nature and bird lover (fav: Great Blue Herons!)

  • former Zumba® instructor for 9 years, specializing in teaching special needs classes

  • wife and mother

About the Owner
  "I truly love helping others and feel blessed to be able to do it every day."   
Heron Art by Jayne

A sample of my artwork, created from one of my many Blue Heron photos taken in Florida.

Did I mention I love Blue Herons?!  

You can browse Jayne's photography and digital art for sale here: