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How Website Branding Makes a Difference

Holly's Nest Old Home Page

lacking visual appeal and compelling content

Website Redesign for a more professional layout, clear CTA and a better user experience.

Holly's Nest New Home Page

  Professional Website Design. Targeted content.

Consistency and storytelling is key to connect with your ideal client!


Does your website and marketing give visitors a good idea of what your business is all about? Does it target your ideal client? I specialize in building your website to tell your story and stand out from the competition. I will build your website with these branding strategies:


  1. I will start with your logo, fonts, a complimentary color scheme and a unique look to build visual interest and recognition.

  2. Next, I will look at your website content. I developed a discovery questionnaire designed to target what makes your business unique. I use your answers to showcase your uniqueness and style in the website design so you connect with the intended audience. 

  3. Professional images are a great asset for any website. Show your style and introduce your staff to visitors. If you have taken your own photos, I can enhance them and make adjustments in Photoshop to make them pop! 

  4. Once your website is complete, it's time to give the same look to your social media pages, email campaigns and other marketing to make sure you are portraying a consistent brand. I will prepare a Branding Board so you know the exact colors and fonts used in your website so you can incorporate a similar brand look in your marketing.

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