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Best Tools to Help Small Businesses

Recommended tools and products I use to keep my small business running you can too!


Note: Some of these product links include an Affiliate Code, which means I could receive a small referral fee if you purchase the product. It is only good business sense to accept a referral fee for products I love, trust and use myself.

I enjoy helping other small businesses shine!

Where to Buy Domains

Best place to purchase domains: Namecheap is my top pick!

There are thousands of places to buy domains, but which ones give you the most for your money and which ones can you trust? My top pick to purchase domains is Namecheap. I have also transferred domains to Namecheap that were purchased elsewhere at higher prices.

Client Management System (CRM)

Dubsado Mug with logo

Top pick for small business client management (CRM): Dubsado


I fell in love with Dubsado after using their free trial option about 3 years ago, and within a week, I jumped all in! Imagine streamlining your back-end: Contact forms, online booking calendar, proposals, e-signature contracts, invoices with online payment and a client's been a lifesaver! Bonus, their customer support is outstanding.

Current Pricing (subject to change):

  • $400/yr

Use my discount code for 20% off your initial payment (month or year)!

Discount Code: blueheron 

ADA Website Compliance Widget

Man in wheelchair indicating a disability for ADA website compliance

ADA Compliance for Website Accessibility


Some businesses are required to be ADA compliant, but all businesses should make it as easy as possible for visitors to your website who may have certain disabilities, such as low vision or dyslexia. There are basic rules to follow for website design and layout, but UserWay takes it to the next level.


They offer a widget to add to your website similar to the one on my website. There are free versions as well as premium versions that will make sure you are not leaving your business open to a lawsuit.

Find Great Graphics for your Website

Creative Market logo

Top pick for website elements like icons, backgrounds and graphics: Creative Market


Creative Market is my go-to site for website elements like icons, graphics, backgrounds, mock-ups and more. Adding unique graphics and designs to your website helps to make your site stand out. Does your website design need help? Check them out!

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