Answers to Common Website Questions

What is the difference between a domain and web hosting?

Think of your business needing a home on the internet. Your domain is your street address and web hosting is your house, it gives your website a place to live on the world wide web. Both items need to be hosted somewhere, they don't need to be on the same platform. Your domain just needs the correct DNS codes (like GPS) to connect with your website. Don't worry though, I can handle all of the details for you if you hire me for your project!

What is SEO, and why do I need it?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO helps your website show up when someone searches for your service, company or products. SEO includes adding page titles and descriptions to each page of your site, including keywords and key phrases on your pages, adding Alt Text to the images on your site, using the correct text in the appropriate places (H1, H2, P1, etc.) and more. Even if you create a decent looking DIY site, if it is missing SEO, your chances of people finding your site in a search are not good.

Why is an updated website with a mobile version so important?

Your website gives the first impression of your company. If your website is outdated, hard to read and navigate, or does not look professional, you are losing business. Your website represents your business and should entice your target customer to take action. Whether that means contact you, book a call, come to your restaurant or visit your store. Does your website speak to your target audience? Don't forget to check your website on mobile - did you know over 50% of web searches are done from mobile devices? What would a potential client see when they view your website from their phone?

Why can't I DIY it to save money without hiring a web designer?

Sure, you can try to DIY it, but are you really saving money? How much time and frustration will it take to make your own website? Do you know how to handle the technical things like which text to use where (H1,H2, H3, etc.) or where to add SEO and keywords to your pages so your site can actually come up in a search? Will you love the end result of your DIY site? Your time is worth money, even if you aren't writing a check.

Why should I choose Blue Heron Support?

I love supporting business owners and I offer affordable options because of my low overhead. I take pride in treating all clients as VIP's; you will never be just a number to me. I am the person you deal with and who designs your site; I am not a sales person who hands off the project after I close the deal. I listen to your needs and personally make your vision come to life.

Can I take control of my own website when the design is complete?

This is the best part - yes! I don't hold my clients hostage forcing them to pay me to maintain their website. I give you choices. Once your new website is launched, you can have full control of your website account, including your domain and web hosting (unless you want me to handle it all for you!). If you would like my ongoing support, I can simply be a Contributor on your site, so I am able to handle your website updates from my own account.

Do you offer website maintenance?

I offer flexible ongoing support packages according to your needs as well as as-needed hourly support. Whether or not I have designed your website, I offer several options, depending on how much support is anticipated on a monthly basis. My ongoing support packages are billed quarterly and can be cancelled or adjusted at any time with 30 days notice.

What is the process for a website design project?
  • Free Consultation for us to "meet" and go over your needs

  • Proposal/Contract/Payment choose options,e-signature contract and initial 50% payment (100% if working within your account)

  • Discovery phase and content collection

  • Design phase: layout & design of the website, 2 draft versions for feedback/revisions

  • Set-up phase: project sign-off, final payment, site transfer, domain connection