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New Business, New Website!

Blue Heron Support, bringing your business to life.

Home page screenshot of new business website launch from Blue Heron Support for Fahl's Pest Control

One of my favorite things to work on is designing websites from the ground up for new businesses. I love bringing their business to life and the excitement when they see the first draft of their website.

New business owners have way too much on their plate to think about getting a great website up an running. That's where Blue Heron Support comes into play. We gather your information and ideas, take a cue from your logo style and colors, help you develop content, and design a professional website that not only looks great, but is easy to navigate and is designed with proper SEO for better search results.

Congratulations to our most recent website launch, Fahl's Pest Control, in California! Fahl's is a new Veteran-owned and family-owned business, which they wanted to be reflected on their website. We helped them with the content, adjusted their photos to work well on the website, and they absolutely loved the end result! They can now market their business easily without the hassle and time-consuming process of trying to figure out how to create a halfway decent DIY site or expanding their budget hiring a large marketing firm.

We love helping small business clients. If you know anyone who is launching a new business or any company that needs a new website, send them on over to Blue Heron Support!


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