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5 Website Tips for Small Businesses

5 Tips to Improve Your Website

Has your small business website been neglected lately? Do you want to make some changes that can help you to attract more customers, but aren't sure where to start?

Often times business owners already have too much on their plate and the last thing they want to think about is updating their website. It is time consuming, frustrating, or they are stuck having to pay their webmaster for any changes to their site.

The problem is, how much business do you think you are turning away with your old, outdated or DIY website? Sometimes I see a website and wonder if that company is still in business because their last update was in 2016 or there aren't any social media links that work...does that sound familiar?

Let's take a restaurant for example. One of the first things potential customers will do is go to your website to get a feel for the ambiance, any specials, and check out your menu. That first impression is key to connecting with this online visitor so they make the decision to visit your restaurant.

I specialize in partnering with small businesses, helping them stand out and tell their story, to make a connection with online visitors. Here are 5 quick tips that you can implement today to give your website visitors a better online experience. Feel free to open your website as you go through these tips, and review your site as if you were a new visitor.

  1. Introduction: The first screen of your home page should prominently show the name of your company and/or your logo. This gives visitors a visual of the site they are on as well as introducing your brand. That home page should also have a brief description of your business or service. This confirms to the visitor they are in the right place.

  2. Call to Action: What do you want people to ultimately do after viewing your website? If you want them to call you, are there several opportunities for them to access your phone number or click to call? You don't necessarily have to create one of those annoying pop-up's, but your CTA should stand out.

  3. Content: These days, people just don't take the time to read through pages of text. Remember, less is more! It's a good idea to vary text by size and color, also make sure the font is large enough and easy to read. Specialty fonts are fun and show personality, but should be used sparingly for things like titles. Crisp images should break up the text content on your pages. If your images are blurry, chances are the file isn't large enough for the space you are trying to fill, or it isn't cropped correctly.

  4. Mobile Optimization: Over 50% of website views are now from people using their mobile devices instead of a laptop or desktop. Have you checked out your site on mobile? Is it easy to navigate and does the layout look right? Many times older websites have not been adjusted for mobile and some don't even have the capability. If that's the case, it may be time to update your platform or check to see if you can make adjustments through your editor.

  5. Branding: The images, colors, fonts and design of your site should reflect your brand and tell your story. If you own a brick & mortar business and want people to visit, there should be plenty of interior, exterior, and staff photos, so website visitors can visualize what to expect before going there in person. Even if you are an online business, show visitors the person or people behind the scenes so they feel like they know you.

These tips should give you a great starting point on what areas to improve on your website. I could have named many more tips, but those will will have to wait until my next post!

If you have any questions or would like some help implementing these tips and more, let's talk! Feel free to schedule a free 20 minute phone consult to discuss your needs. I offer hourly support as well as full design packages. If you would like a complete re-design, I have created targeted questionnaires to bring out the important points of your business and your brand.


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