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Wix Training Videos and Wix Tips

Wix tutorial videos on how to use the Wix editor and fix layout issues.

I have been a Wix Partner for many years (since they called us Wix Experts) and I use the Wix editor every day. I recorded these videos to help my clients who are taking over their websites after I have completed the design, or for any DIY-ers out there who are searching for help. These videos are shown using the Wix regular editor.

If you have specific questions about your website, feel free to contact me. I offer hourly support, website audits and website training packages.

Featured Wix Training Videos
Tips on how to use the Standard Wix Editor

Most Important Wix Editor Tools

Features I've found to be the most important tools to use when using the regular Wix editor that will help your website layout to adapt to different screen sizes. This includes turning on gridlines to make sure you stay within the guidelines for your website to adjust to the screen size.

How to Use Strips & Columns in Wix

A video tutorial about how to use strips and columns in Wix so your website adapts to different screen sizes while using the full width of the screen. I will review staying within the gridlines and adjusting column alignment.

How To Add Pages to Your Wix Website

A video tutorial about how to add new pages to your Wix website and how to add those new pages to the navigation menu in Wix. Note: There are different ways to add pages to your menu, depending on each website. The old version simply uses the layout of your pages; a newer version lets you update your menu from the menu itself.

How To Set Up Site Colors & Fonts in Wix

A video tutorial about how to set up your website with the colors and fonts of your brand in Wix to have a uniform look throughout. This can save lots of time and creates a professional look and creates a better experience for your website visitors.  

How To Create Button & Text Links in Wix

A video tutorial about how to create links in Wix using buttons, text or other items in the Wix editor, as well as when to choose the option of opening in the same window or a new window. 

How To Create Add & Change Images in Wix

A video tutorial about how to add or change images in Wix, including where to add alt text for your images in Wix, which is part of having proper SEO on a website. 

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