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#1 Organization Tip for Service-based Small Businesses to Start the Year Right

I knew I needed help getting organized and more automated since I took the plunge to full-time self-employment this past year, but where to start? There were so many Customer Relationship Management (CRM) options out there and it was a little overwhelming.

My mission was to find a system that would let me send contracts to clients that they could sign online and email right back to me. No more of this emailing, printing out, signing and mailing snail mail or scanning back to me in a text. I needed to find a way to be in control and lighten my workload so I could spend more time designing websites and taking photos!

Well, after testing a few CRM's out there, I found my golden ticket...Dubsado. Yes, it's a strange name (made up by the owner's young son), but it has changed my life! Not only can my clients now sign with an e-signature and simply press submit, but an invoice is created automatically and they can click on the invoice to pay online, too! Brilliant!

Even though I have only touched the surface of what Dubsado can do for me, one of my favorite things so far (besides their AWESOME customer service) has to be the Client Portal. It is so convenient for me and my clients to be able to view everything in one place - emails, forms, invoices and more.

I feel confident now that I can grow my business in 2018 without getting bogged down in the behind the scenes details. Goodbye yellow sticky notes and multiple spreadsheets...hello Dubsado!

If you are curious to see if Dubsado would be a good fit for your business, they let you try it for free. If (when!) you decide to upgrade to a paid account, use my discount code BlueHeron and get 20% off your purchase! Be sure to let me know if you try it or if you have any questions about it. Dubsado is by far the best thing I have purchased for my business this year!

Full disclosure, if you use my discount code I will get a small commission too, but that has absolutely no bearing on my love for this CRM software!

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