Wix Training Resources

Welcome to my Wix Editor training and support page. If you find this information helpful, you should subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you know when I have added more videos.

I have been a Wix Partner for several years, and use the Wix editor every day. I recorded these videos to help my clients who are taking over their websites after I have completed the design, or for any DIY-ers out there who are looking for help. These videos are shown using the Wix regular editor. I do not use the Wix ADI (template only) platform or Editor X.


If you have specific questions about your website, feel free to contact me. I offer hourly support and website training packages, creating custom videos regarding your specific website.

Most Important Wix Editor Tools

A short video about the most important tools to use when using the regular Wix editor that will help your website work on different screen sizes.

How To Add Pages to Your Wix Website

This is a short video about how to add new pages to your Wix website and how to add those new pages to the navigation menu in Wix.

How To Create Button & Text Links in Wix

This is a short video about how to create links using buttons, text or other items in Wix, and when to open in the same window or a new window. 

How to Use Strips & Columns in Wix

A short video about how to use strips and columns in Wix to adapt to all screen sizes and use the full width of the screen. (Wix regular editor)

How To Set Up Site Colors & Fonts in Wix

This is a short video about how to set up your website with the colors and fonts of your brand in Wix to have a uniform look throughout. 

How To Create Add & Change Images in Wix

This is a short video about how to add or change images in Wix, including where to add Alt Text for your images in Wix for better SEO. 

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