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5 Basic Tips for Small Business Websites

Small Business Opportunity

We see small business websites gone wrong all the time. They have either used a DIY platform with no professional assistance or simply have an old website that has not been updated in years. If your website isn't functional, visually appealing, updated, or can't be found in a search, you are losing business! Here are some basic tips for creating a great website that should generate more interest:

1. LAYOUT BASICS: Your website should be visually appealing, uncluttered and easy to read. Any photos should be clear and crisp. Colors and fonts used should compliment your brand/logo and there should be no more than three colors or fonts on your website.

2. NAVIGATION AND CTA: Many websites we see are cluttered and unorganized. When a visitor enters your site, they should be able to find what they are looking for right away, whether it be contact information, descriptions of your services or photos. Also, be sure to have a prominent Call to Action (CTA) on your site.

3. MOBILE OPTIMIZATION: Did you know that more that 50% of people search using their mobile devices now rather than any other device? Your website should be optimized for mobile devices to give the viewer the best experience possible on your website.

4. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO): This is something that changes all the time. The basics of SEO would start with making sure you have the correct titles, content and keywords on your website so search engines can pick them up. One of the keys to ranking higher with search engines these days is to have an active site, not a site that hasn't been touched in years. Creating a blog is very helpful (as long as you use it!), as well as having appropriate links on your website. Also, social media is your friend!

5. BRANDING: Does your website match the look and feel of your social media pages, business cards, newsletters and other marketing items? Creating a unique brand for your business will promote recognition and trust in a business.

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